ROSE Festival

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The ROSE Festival (Recognizing and Rewarding Open Science in SE), a special track within ICSME, is a venue where researchers can receive public credit for facilitating and participating in open science in Software Engineering.

For ICSME 2021, the ROSE Festival hosts lightning talks about accepted artifacts from the Artifact Evaluation track, peer-reviewed short position papers, and recent initiatives to support open science in Software Engineering research.

ROSE Festival will take place in two segments this year, at 14:30 and 17:30 UTC, on September 29.

Date Time Authors Title
September, 2021
Idriss Riouak, Christoph Reichenbach, Gorel Hedin and Niklas Fors Artifact: A Precise Framework for Source-Level Control-Flow Analysis
Tobias Hey, Fei Chen, Sebastian Weigelt and Walter F. Tichy Artifact: Improving Traceability Link Recovery Using Fine-grained Requirements-to-Code Relations
Goran Piskachev, Ranjith Krishnamurthy and Eric Bodden Artifact: SecuCheck: Engineering configurable taint analysis for software developers
Johann Mortara, Philippe Collet and Anne-Marie Dery-Pinna Artifact: Visualization of Object-Oriented Variability Implementations as Cities
Q&A w/ Speakers
Thomas Durieux Anonymous GitHub
Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Neil Ernst, Ben Hermann, Tim Menzies, Rahul Yedida Crowdsourcing the state of the art(ifacts)
Paper, Browse Reuse Graph
Philip Oliver, Michael Homer, Jens Dietrich and Craig Anslow A Partial Reproduction of A Guided Genetic Algorithm for Automated Crash Reproduction
David Moreno-Lumbreras, Roberto Minelli, Andrea Villaverde, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona and Michele Lanza Artifact: CodeCity: On-Screen or in Virtual Reality?
Q&A w/ Speakers

Presentations: Session 1

Presentations: Session 2